Answered By: Emily Bell
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2017     Views: 333

This is tricky. A couple of methods:

1. In HOLLIS Classic: use "Keywords anywhere" or in HOLLIS simply use the main search box, and enter the relevant word plus an author or subtitle name. When you search HOLLIS for History Lowell, the result is Robert Lowell's 1973 book of poetry entitled History.

2. Also in HOLLIS Classic (thanks to a technical services colleage for this suggestion):

Select “Title beginning with” in “Search Type” box

Type “history” in the “Search For” box

Click “Search”

 It will bring up 50+ records for the “Entry” History. Click on that entry and click on the arrow next to the word “Title” in the grey bar that contains the categories “Author, Title, Year, Format, Links”

Then click on “Next Page” button 12 or 13 times and it will bring to the beginning of the list of one-word titles for ‘History’

A more precise method: use Google, Amazon, or other resources to get more information about the title, such as full author name, subtitle, or ISBN. 

For instance, if you were looking for Elsa Morante's History translated from the Italian, you might find it by searching by author or by searching morante history in Google and learning that its subtitle is "a novel." Searching on History: a novel in HOLLIS+ or HOLLIS Classic finds the correct result.

When using ISBNs, remember that the number identifies only one version of the title. If the ISBN identifies a paperback second edition and Harvard has a hardback third edition, the ISBN won't help. However, if you are looking very specifically for the paperback second edition and you have the ISBN for it, you'll know immediately if we have that particular item.


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