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The list would be a long one – how long depending on how loosely “about Harvard” is defined.

For early works (up to 1940), the best resource is Hamilton Bail’s article published in the Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society of 1959. Also, “Imagining Harvard: changing visions of Harvard in fiction, 1890-1940” in American Educational History Journal and "Harvard in fiction: a short anthology" in Harvard Graduates' Magazine, v.40 (1932), pp.30-54.

A useful work that covers Harvard as well as other colleges is John Kramer’s The American college novel : an annotated bibliography.

A search in HOLLIS for the subject: Harvard University—Fiction will turn up some of the more recent examples. 

And, the following list of (mostly) novels compiled by Harvard staff members (mostly by Bruce Kupelnick) covers, albeit incompletely, the period from 1940-1990:

1940:    A Victorian in the Modern World

            Colonel of the Crimson

1941:   Reunion with Murder

            So Dream All Night

            H.M. Pulham, Esquire

            Pardon My Harvard Accent

1943:   Grand Crossing

1946:   We Happy Few

1953:   The Second Happiest Day

            The Stones of the House

1955:   Gullible's Travels Thru Harvard and the Law School

            Faithful are the Wounds

1957:   Remember Me to God

            To Make a World

1958:   The Fume of Poppies

1961:   The Best and Worst of Times

1962:   Love with a Harvard Accent

1963:   The Pageant of the Beasts, or Murky Doings in the Thicket; a Relevant Fable

1966:   Girl with a Zebra

1969:   Ham Martin, Class of '17

1970:   Windsong

            Love Story

1971:   The Paper Chase

1973:   American Mischief

1974:   A Darkening Green: Notes from the Silent Generation

            Miriam at Thirty-four

1977:   The Women's Room

1978:   The Memorial Hall Murder

            The Last Convertible

1979:   Class Reunion

1980:   Fatal Demonstrations

1981:   Death in a Tenured Position

1982:   Gilbert, a Comedy of Manners


            Splendor and Misery

            Darconville's Cat

1984:   Death of a Harvard Freshman

1985:   The Class

            Miriam in her Forties

            The Tree of Life

1986:   Death of a Radcliffe Roommate

            The Great Pretender

1988:   The Great Harvard Robbery

1989:   Professor Romeo

            Higher Education

1990:   A Tenured Professor



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