Answered By: David Cort
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The record belongs to Bishop White Kennett's A complete history of England, v.3 which was one of 144 books that were checked out of the Harvard College Library at the time of the January 24, 1764 fire. This fire destroyed the original Harvard Hall as well as most of the 5,000 volumes in the collection at that time. The volume was presumed to have been lost forever until the spring of 1997 when it was discovered and brought to the attention of Harvard by a Cambridge bookseller; then, thanks to an anonymous donor, it was re-acquired and added to the Houghton Library collection, making it 233 years overdue on its return.

The complete 3 volume set of the title which is part of the same HOLLIS record, was a gift of Thomas Hollis shortly after the fire.


                                                                        see The Harvard University Gazette of May 15, 1997

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