Answered By: Emily Bell
Last Updated: Aug 24, 2016     Views: 35

The following are known issues with RefWorks tags—a late September 2016 fix is anticipated:


• Whether imported from databases or added by the user, multiple-word tags are displaying under    as single words. For example, “early childhood” appears in the tag area as two separate tags—early and childhood.


 • If you search for multiple-word tags in the basic search or in the Tags search in the left menu, you retrieve the message “no tags match.”

Workaround:  In advanced search, choose the “tags” field and search for your tag:



• If you search for tags and then try to add the retrieved items to a folder, you retrieve the message, “Document could not be added. This document belongs to a shared folder. As you are not the owner, you are not allowed to remove it or assign it to other folders.”

Workaround: Add items to a folder from All Documents instead of from tag search results.



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