I need information about COVID-19.

There are a vast number of Coronavirus/COVID-19 resources available on the web, from consumer health information to research data. Much of the content that's usually subscription-only has been made freely available to the public. To get started:


Check out our Harvard COVID-19 Resource Roundup

  • a collection of the Harvard Library guides that link to major COVID resources
  • links to other Harvard University projects and information sources.


The University of Virginia Library has an extensive COVID-19 resource guide. It covers a range of topics including

  • government and consumer information, research materials
  • fact-checking resources vital during this "infodemic"
  • xenophobia links


To search for COVID-related journalism and media:

  • check out the "Misinformation and the Infodemic"page of the UV library guide for help distinguishing good information from incorrect or misleading sources.
  • Go to the home page for the major publications or sites of the area you’re interested in
  • Try a search engine with “COVID-19” OR Coronavirus AND (a topic or keyword).
  • An advanced search like Google Advanced Search can help you target geographic regions, web domains, websites, social media and other specifics.

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