How can I search HOLLIS using a non-Latin script (character set) such as Arabic, Cyrillic, or Chinese, Japanese and Korean?

HOLLIS accepts non-roman scripts in the search box, but you should still expect some hiccups in your searching due to variations in cataloging practices. 

Current best practice is for items to be cataloged by their original titles, in the original script, so an original-script search is likely to find recently cataloged items. Many older records, though, were cataloged with transliterations rather than the original script, so it's important to try your search both in the original and in roman transliteration. (Except for alif in Korean transliterations, HOLLIS ignores diacritical marks.)

For transliterations, catalogers now follow the Transliteration Tables for non-Roman Scripts, from the American Library Association. Again, these practices have changed over time, and some of our older records may not follow the ALA transliteration tables.

If you notice an error in the way that HOLLIS processes the character set you are searching in, please report it using the HOLLIS Feedback form.

Have another HOLLIS question? Our HOLLIS User Guide provides an overview of HOLLIS's features and functions.

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