What are "Request Pickup," "Scan & Deliver,"and "View Onsite" in HOLLIS?

When you identify material in HOLLIS that you'd like to consult, the GET IT section of the HOLLIS entry shows which libraries at Harvard have it.

• If the material is available electronically, there wil be a VIEW ONLINE or a VIEW IT section (depending on the type of item)

Just above the library or libraries listed under GET IT should appear "Options:" with choices like Pickup, Scan & Deliver, and View In Library. 

View In Library allows you to request materials held in special collections. You can place requests to view the material at a certain time or place orders for reproductions. Contact the collection that owns the item for more specific information. 

Scan & Deliver requests scans of articles and book chapters held in general libraries (Widener, Cabot, etc). See our Scan & Deliver FAQ entry for more detail. 

Pickup allows you to have the item brought to a Harvard Library circulation desk. Usually you will be able to choose which circulation desk. You'll receive an email when the item is ready, usually within 24-48 hours.

• Neither Scan & Deliver nor Pickup will be faster than visiting the library and checking out or scanning the material yourself. You are welcome and encouraged to note the call number and come in to take the book off the shelf (except in special collections, where the material must be paged) yourself.

• You don't need to decide which copy of the book you get via Pickup or Scan & Deliver. The library staff will handle it.

• If the book is currently checked out, BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan may be faster than using Pickup (since the item would have to be recalled from the current borrower). See our "ILL, BorrowDirect, Scan & Deliver? Which do I choose?" FAQ entry to help you know which one to try.


When in doubt, Ask a Librarian (submit a question via our form). 


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