Why is HOLLIS showing blank results or failing to display links?

Due to a significant back-end system migration, HOLLIS is a little bit finicky right now. Our systems librarians are working around the clock to smooth things out. Often, simply changing browsers or refreshing your preferred browser(s) will do the trick. A browser refresh is also the first troubleshooting step for issues with the HarvardKey system (managed by HUIT) or with the many external databases the library provides access to.

To refresh your browser, you need to clear your cache and cookies.

This HUIT FAQ and this website contain tips for refreshing or clearing browser caches in multiple browsers and similar websites out there, so if you need different instructions you can do a general web search for "clear cache cookies." It helps to add the name of your operating system or your browser version to your search. For help finding your version, see these instructions by browser. It's always best to have a very recent (preferably the latest) version of your browser.

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