How can I locate a Harvard undergraduate thesis?

Most, but not all, honors undergraduate theses are held at the Harvard University Archives. All of these are listed in HOLLIS.

What undergraduate theses are retained by the library? Are they digitized? 

  • The library retains only honors undergraduate theses (e.g., Hoopes Prize winners).
  • They're not digitized unless the author has submitted the work to DASH, Harvard's Open Access repository- in which case the link should appear in HOLLIS.
  • All undergraduates are eligible to submit their theses to DASH, so it may be worth searching there.

Recent years: Lamont Library keeps the last two years of Hoopes Prize winners on their New Book Shelf near the Circulation desk.

If you can't find a listing in HOLLIS

Notes on searching HOLLIS:

  • If you know the exact title or author of a thesis, use the standard search box.
  • If you are looking for all undergraduate honors theses from a particular department, use Advanced Search keyword (e.g. classicsmusicsociology) and "honors thesis Harvard."
  • Add a year date to your keywords if you are looking for theses from a particular year.

For more on access to Hoopes Prize winners, see Harvard University Archives' "How do I find a Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize Paper?"

For more on access to Bowdoin Prize winners, see HUA's "How do I find copies of Bowdoin Prize essays from past years? 

For Harvard graduate theses and Bowdoin Prize papers, see How can I find a Harvard thesis or dissertation?

For theses & dissertations beyond Harvard, see How can I find theses and dissertations? 

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