Why can't I download an entire document from the HathiTrust Digital Library?

It's likely one of these three reasons:

You are not logged in as a Harvard user


Log in directly on the HathiTrust website, by choosing Harvard University from the drop-down list. You may need to do this even after you’ve already signed in to HOLLIS.

Harvard affiliates can view and download all content which HathiTrust makes available to its partner institutions.


The work is still in copyright


Materials published after 1924 that are not government documents are considered in copyright. HathiTrust will allow you to search and identify which pages of the work contain your search word, but you may not view or download the text. Federal government documents are by definition public domain documents, regardless of publication date.


You are outside the U.S.


If you are outside the U.S. and attempting to view something with a non-US place of publication and publication date that is after 1880, HathiTrust will not allow you to view or download the item. (For details, visit https://www.hathitrust.org/help_copyright.) Most users can solve this by setting up the Harvard VPN on your computer, which should give you a U.S.-based ip address.


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