Is it possible to read Safari books offline?

I'd like to read an ebook offline and/or bookmark my place in the book so I don't have to find it each time I sign in. I have also had problems with duplicate sessions and being unable to access without restarting my computer.

You can't download books from an academic Safari subscription, but you can bookmark pages in books using the Bookmark function in your web browser. Once you've created the bookmark, it will take you to the page you marked (although obviously you'll need to create a new bookmark each time you move forward and want to go back where you left off). You should log in to Safari before clicking on your bookmark, or the page will come up without full functionality for navigating, printing, etc.

In order to avoid duplicate sessions, be sure to sign out each time you leave the site. Click on "Harvard University User" on the blue navigation bar, then "Sign out and clear session." Harvard's access is restricted to seven simultaneous users, with a 15 minute timeout period for an inactive session.

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