Which American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) papers relate to Turkey or the Armenian massacres?

The microfilm reels for the papers originating in Turkey are listed below. These are served instead of the originals.

  • reels 561-581 ABC 16.9   volumes 1-20: European Turkey 1829-1909
  • reels 628-638 ABC 16.9.3 volumes 39-49: Western Turkey, 1910-1919
  • reels 667-672 ABC 16.9.5 volumes 21-26: Central Turkey, 1910-1919
  • reels 712-717 ABC 16.9.7 volumes 25A-28: Eastern Turkey, 1910-1919
    (The microfilm series ends in 1919, though we have additional volumes of original papers for the following years). 

The microfilms are held next door to Houghton in the Government Documents Microtext division of Lamont Library. Harvard faculty, students, staff, and proxies can access this material in Lamont. Researchers who are not Harvard affiliates can request the microfilm for use in Widener Library Reading Room 150.

There may be a great deal of material about the massacres in the volumes of documents and letters from Turkey in the years 1914 -1923, but we do not have this material cataloged by subject. The only material that has been cataloged by the ABCFM librarians under the subject “Armenian Massacres” covers the years 1895-1896. That material can be found on reel 639, ABC volume 3: “Western Turkey Mission. Miscellaneous. Letters and reports on Armenian Massacres in Turkey. 1895-1896.”